Jack Suzuki

Jack Suzuki
Job Assignment Sales
Start year at LML 2017
Nickname Mr. Solution

What kind of job duties do you have?

I am the only one in sales department and I have to do general sales tasks, invoicing and exploiting new customer by myself. And also I help production lines whenever needed.

What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

I like to be a part of LML because we have a very strong team. Whenever something happens, there is an atmosphere to help each other to settle the issue or to overcome difficulties.
6 months after I started working at LML, there was a customer claim. Engineering, quality control, production control and even accounting department got together and worked closely to correct the issue.

How do you like working at LML?

Everyone takes responsibility in their work area and cooperates with each other whenever needed to cope with the issue.
I would like LML to supply quality parts to the customers and challenge the other type of business such as government related jobs in order to expand the business.
I hope LML to become the No. 1 stamping facility in the Midwest area both in quality and services.

Jack Suzuki

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