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Anti Vibration Components Click picture to see larger image

Anti vibration parts01 Thickness 1.2/2.0/4.5mm
Size 120mm
Usage Strut Mounting
Remarks E3 pieces welded
E4 bolts and center washer caulking

Anti vibration parts02 Thickness 1.2mm
Size 88~H74
Material SPCC
Usage Diaphragm

Anti vibration parts03 Welding Thickness 2.0/3.2mm
Size 162~H52 / 154~80
Material SPHD
Usage Engine Mounting
Remarks E2 parts projection welded

Anti vibration parts04 Projection welding Thickness 3.2/3.2
Size 90/240
Material SPHC
Usage Bracket
Remarks E2 parts projection welded
EDimension change control due to welding heat

Anti vibration parts05 Deep Draw Thickness 4.0mm
Size 107~165
Material SAPH440
Usage Engine Mounting
Remarks EControl crack on the tip of 32mm high center cylinder

Anti vibration parts06 Scrap retention Thickness 1.0mm
Size 86
Material SPCC
Usage Orifice
Remarks EFlange bending angle within 0.5
ENew scrap retention method for 2mm holes

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