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About Lincoln Manufacturing USA

About Lincoln Manufacturing Lincoln Manufacturing USA, is a metal stamping facility located in Stanford, Kentucky, about 45 miles southeast of Lexington. Lincoln Manufacturing has the ability to make a wide range of parts from simple stampings to close tolerance critical parts. LML has the equipment and technology to provide additional services to our customers. We also have the capability to weld, machine, and deburr parts for the automotive industry.
At LML, quality assurance is our #1 priority. Our customers see it in every project. Our equipment sets and surpasses industry standards. Our knowledge, earned during our years of success, is the key to staying at the top of our field.
We understand and believe that the human is the most valuable asset of any organization. It is through a company's skilled workforce that quality standards and exceptional end products are produced.

Our Philosophy of Production

Our philosophy of production At LML, both our Engineering and Production team members put a great deal of effort into process design and process improvement to produce higher quality parts.
LML is also putting a great deal of effort into Research & Development of new production technology to meet our customer's demand.
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Lincoln Manufacturing USA, LLC will meet or exceed our customersf requirements. We will bring added-value through continual improvement, advanced engineering, and a commitment to operational excellence.

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