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Lincoln Manufacturing USA President, Masato Sugimura

Our dedication to technology and the development of human resources

Masato Sugimura PresidentAs a manufacturing company, it is very important to accumulate and improve our technology. However, there are many occasions that we must rely on the training and expertise of our team members to continue our success.
Under our company philosophy, we value team work and creating a vibrant work environment.
To improve our customer satisfaction, we perform continuous research & development. At LML we challenge ourselves to achieve newly developed daily targets which will deliver higher quality to our customers, a competitive price and on time delivery.
In other words, we believe that ongoing research and development coupled with strong human resources will keep us prosperous.

Company Background Information

Masato Sugimura PresidentLincoln Manufacturing started business in 1995 as an affiliate company of Toshin Co., Ltd. Japan, and in 2002, became independent from Toshin Co., LTD.
Most affiliate companies have to report or ask for a budget approval to their parent company, but as an independently owned and operated company we do all decision making at our location in Stanford, KY.
We have the ability to make decisions and we can make them very quickly.
Because of this circumstance, we have developed new manufacturing technologies to produce parts which require fine blanking or forging press by utilizing a conventional press.
After the economic recession in Japan back in 1990's, many smaller stamping companies had to face very difficult matters. During the recession, companies which have exclusive technologies survived.
Similar signs can be seen here in the US. Therefore, LML is trying to develop technologies that only LML can obtain and to remain very competitive in the stamping business and abroad.
Join the challenge with us!

Company Profile

Company Name Lincoln Manufacturing USA, LLC
Location 102 Industrial Park Drive Stanford, Kentucky 40484
Established December 1995
Capital $1,400,000
Number of employee 130
Size of Factory 8.5 acre
Services Precision Metal Stamping, Welding, NC Lathing
Major Platforms Ford: F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, Ford F-450, Ford Mustang
Toyota: Camry, Corolla, Tundra, Sienna, Tacoma
Honda: Accord, Civic, Odyssey, Ridgeline, Pilot
Nissan: Altima, Armada
GM: Yukon, Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Envoy
Certification IATF 16949


LML was established in 1995, and included three presses ranging in capacity from 160 Ton to 300 Ton. LML soon added six additional presses, which enhanced flexibility and expanded the tonnage range to 45-to-400. LML recently expanded its tonnage range to 1200 Ton during its 2-year multi-million dollar expansion project.

1995 Lincoln Manufacturing Inc. was established as an affiliated company with Toshin Co. Ltd.
1997 Factory was expanded to allow for new equipment installation
1999 Factory was expanded to allow for new equipment installation
2002 The company was renamed Lincoln Manufacturing USA LLC and became independent from Toshin Co. Ltd.
2004 Factory was expanded to allow for new equipment installation
2006 Factory was expanded to allow for new equipment installation
2007 AIDA UL1200 ton press was installed - Due to Lincoln Manufacturing's development of new technologies utilizing the Aida UL1200 Ton Press, LML now has the capability to produce Fine blanking and Cold Forging parts.
2008 Owner's capital investment was increased to $1,300,000
2012 Lincoln Manufacturing USA was named 2012 Business of the Year by the Stanford/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce
2012 Masato Sugimura, owner of Lincoln Manufacturing USA was named Entrepreneur of Year in the For-Profit Business category by Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards (EIEA)Program. The EIEA program is sponsored by Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) College of Business and Technology, Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation, Southeast Kentucky Economic Development (SKED) Corporation, and The Center for Rural Development.
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